Light and Insight, Evolved Computing

The Direct Broadcast Optical Interconnect (DBOI) uses broadcast optics to connect multiple computing nodes or processors to create the fast, low-latency data flow required by complex, high-volume applications. The All to All, All at Once™ connectivity ensures that data is received simultaneously by every node; the DBOI programming model ensures that nodes can simultaneously update all other nodes with a single send.

The following links explain DBOI technology in greater detail.

  • Inside the Direct Broadcast Optical Interconnect — take a look inside the DBOI.
  • Untangling the interconnect — visualize what a mess it is to connect 32 processors with 496 cables and how much simpler it is to let the DBOI light do the work.
  • The importance of the DBOI — technical white paper by Senior Technologist Tim Witham discusses the uniqueness of the DBOI, in that it is the only interconnect technology to combine the important properties of single send, scalable bandwidth, and fault isolation.

DBOI in your hand