About Lightfleet

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About Lightfleet

Lightfleet was founded in 2003 by a team of individuals seeking to deliver innovative computer hardware and associated software system products.   The company’s staff has diverse backgrounds in optics, signal processing, neural computing, massively parallel processing and semiconductor design. The team is responsible for over 35 patents, either obtained or in process.

Our Technology

The company has invented a data fabric offering switch-free, multiple path, continuously adaptable connectivity to transfer information more efficiently between computer systems. Unlike all other technologies which use switches, this new approach eliminates the need for switch hardware, the software that runs the switches, and all the cost, complexity, instability and inflexibility that switches bring with them. Lightfleet’s patented, data-directed interconnect method allows more information to flow faster, with little or no congestion.  It is much more efficient and reliable, uses less electricity, and emits less heat than switched architectures.

The company’s fabric interface components were benchmarked by the Securities Technology Analysis Center LLC (STAC®) and shown to deliver the highest message rate publicly reported to date by STAC.  The report also stated that the test system delivered the lowest maximum latency of any public STAC report to date. And, with extremely low variability in timing from message to message, the data reflected superior reliability and predictability of the Lightfleet solution.

Our Markets

Lightfleet’s new high performance interconnect promises to revolutionize the financial computing market, including high-speed trading, as well as the datacenter, cloud computing, high-performance computing (HPC), telecom, and data communications markets

Lightfleet headquarters are located in Camas, Washington, across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.

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