CompactPCI: Switching At The Speed Of Light II

Written by Curt Schwaderer for CompactPCI Advanced and Micro TCA Systems August, 2010

In my November 2008 column, I wrote about a paradigm-shifting optical switching technology being developed by Lightfleet Corporation (http:// The technology promised to be a significantly disruptive, enabling new architectures for a variety of applications requiring low latency switching with broadcasting properties.

Since that article was published I have received a number of emails asking about an update on the technology and the company.

So in this month’s column I decided to catch up with Lightfleet and get a technical update on its optical switching technology called Direct Broadcast Optical Interconnect (DBOI).

Jim Burke, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Lightfleet Corporation, gave me a great update on the DBOI technology, applications, current status, and some future directions.


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