Gain the advantage of switch-free networking

Today, the weakest link in data center performance is the switched fabric interconnect between servers. Switching causes delays, and the cost can be significant. Years of complex workarounds to the inherent limitations of switches have resulted in a fragile infrastructure bursting at the seams from modern data flow demands.

But not anymore. Lightfleet has produced a switch-free fabric for large-scale systems that avoids the bandwidth penalties of top-down software control. Utilizing the company’s self-directed data flow interconnect technology, a network of Lightfleet DataRotor™ Data Distribution Modules (DDMs) can ultimately connect from thousands to millions of endpoints – without switching.

Connected by a network of these modules, data centers significantly increase throughput and efficiency; clearing congestion faster than any other technology. Besides the leap in performance, the elimination of fabric switching reduces supervisory software costs, power costs, and eliminates the dependency on control plane operability, while pushing multi-level networks to their performance limit.

If the success of your mission depends on unimpeded data flow, Lightfleet gives you a significant and measureable advantage.