Lightfleet ODM solves the big data dilemma for large data centers

The weakest link in data center performance is the switched fabric. The cloud and big data are threatening to overwhelm the capability of the conventional switch. Years of complex workarounds to these inherent limitations have created a fragile and inadequate infrastructure bursting under the pressure of modern data flow demands.

Lightfleet has produced a switchless, optical fabric for large-scale systems. Utilizing the company’s Direct Broadcast Optical Interconnect (DBOI)™ technology, a network of identical Optical Distribution Modules (ODM)™ connects from thousands to millions of endpoints.

The scaling properties of message-flow routing, combined with the unique properties of the optical broadcast module, enable the Lightfleet ODM to avoid the pitfalls of top-down software control, global routing tables and spanning-tree algorithms. Interconnected by a network of such modules, data centers avoid costs and other problems of congestion of supervisory software and the control plane present in multi-level switched fabrics.

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